Why Lincoln Engineering?

We are a structural steel service company, specializing in structural and miscellaneous steel detailing and connection design. We understand business demands and many challenges that face our clients and built our company on the following principles

Quality : Quality is our top priority. We employ the most experienced checkers and save no effort in checking our drawings on our 3D models. We also use sheet by sheet markups to ensure conformance with design drawings, easy accurate fabrication, and site fit up. We believe that experience, NOT software, makes successful detailing projects.

Communication : Our experienced project managers in our Chicago area office will manage, coordinate, and communicate start to finish with our clients throughout the project.

Cutting Edge Technology : We utilize top technology and software.These include the latest version of our 3D modeling and detailing SDS/2 system, the use of FTP sites, and online conferencing and VPN networks to provide our clients with a better coordinated project, well checked drawings, and full access to a variety of supplemental files needed for fabrication such as CNC, DXF, ABM and material handling.

Support : We stand behind our work. Our project managers will help answer your questions and will resolve any issues in the shop or in the field until the project is completed.

Value : With Lincoln Engineering Group, you get a maximum value with our competitive rates AND the quality of detailing you expect.